Heading Back to Parismina

I visited Parismina for the first time in 2013 with three students from Fleming College and my good friend Mario. Our intention was to explore what the village had to offer and learn about the conservation organization Asociacion Salvemos las Tortugas de Parismina (ASTOP). We stayed in the homes of local families that were part of a homestay system developed as part of the conservation efforts of ASTOP. Volunteers who stay in homestays pay families directly for the accomodations and meals which provides a direct source of income for local families.  Kristina Elliott, a student enrolled in the Applied and Community-Based Research (ACBR) Program at Fleming College, worked with the homestay families in 2014 to identify some barriers and priorities for the continued development of the homestay system. On April 25th, I will return to Parismina with eight Ecosystem Management (EM) students, the EM Program Coordinator, and one ACBR student. We'll be posting blogs and photos of our experience. For now, watch this video to familiarize yourself Parismina and some of the work we do while in the village.

Introducing Parismina from Joshua Feltham on Vimeo.