Research Project Profiles

The Applied and Community-based Research Team is in action. Tegan is off to Moosonee next week, Brian is at the computer in Lindsay, Tom is in the greenhouse with the Cenre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment, Nick is in Mexico with Salvemos al Rio Laja, and Kristina (and two-year old Troy) are in Costa Rica with Asociacion Salvemos las Tortugas de Parismina. Everyone has had some challenges and will continue to have challenges as they complete their research projects. These experiences are often more about the challenges and solutions you can come up with than the research itself. However, the projects that each of these students have developed are significant in their respective fields and the results will contribute to our understaning of First Nations consultation, eastern wolf habitat preferences, impact of restoration efforts on nitrate and phosphate consentrations in runoff, reduction of salinity in greenhouse effluent, and building capacity in community-based conservation. [read more]