Applied & Community-based Research Post Graduate Certificate Program

The first offering of this unique program began on November 4th, 2013. Students are about to embark on their twelve-week research placement and the proposed research projects span the range of what we envisioned for the program. This March, students will begin to collect data and investigate the following questions: 1) What is the relationship between habitat diversity, habitat fragmentation, and eastern wolf distribution? 2) How well do wetland plants absorbe excess salts from recirculated greenhouse water? 3) From a First Nations Perspective, what are the best methods of engagement of First Nations peoples in the planning and management of natural areas iin Ontario? 4) Have restoration efforts in the Rio Laja watershed in Mexico improved the quality of rainwater runoff from restored areas? 5) Can a change in procedure improve the level of satisfaction among home-stay families working with the Asociacion Salvemos Las Tortugas de Parismina in Costa Rica? [read more]


Above: Nichole and Zack assisting Josh with snake research in Costa Rica during 2012 Tropical Field Ecology course.